Many things have changed between Davidson’s modest beginnings in a largely rural area in the mid-1830s and today’s populous, largely urban community in the greater Charlotte region.  The Davidson Historical Society is pleased to present the publication of One Town, Many Voices: A History of Davidson, North Carolina by Jan Blodgett and Ralph Levering. This book incorporates the experiences and voices of the town--mill and college, black and white, women and men, business owners and school children.  In this comprehensive history, the authors bring the town’s history to life.

Praise for One Town, Many Voices

“Jan Blodgett’s and Ralph Levering’s history of the town of Davidson provides a fascinating look at the evolution of this community over nearly two centuries….Remarkably, Blodgett and Levering uncover the layers of people—worker and manager, black and white, men and women—who made up the town.  Highly readable and deeply researched in the sources, it is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of the North Carolina Piedmont.” 
--William A. Link, Richard J. Milbauer Professor of History, University of Florida

“Gracefully written and admirably expansive, Blodgett’s and Levering’s book provides a thoughtful account of life in Davidson through the years.... It will be a marvelous source for anyone interested in Davidson history, as well as a swell read.”
--Dr. Pamela Grundy, independent scholar, Charlotte, North Carolina

“…In this book you’ll hear the voices of many of the people who have created Davidson’s strong sense of community, from college founder Reverend Robert Hall Morrison to African-American barber Ralph Johnson and pioneering female mayor Nancy MacCormac.”
--Dr. Tom Hanchett, staff historian, Levine Museum of the New South