Background High rates of HIV infection have decreased life expectancy in

Background High rates of HIV infection have decreased life expectancy in lots of African countries. and 120 (68%) got a Compact disc4 count number of significantly less than 200 cells/mL. The normal HIV-related factors behind death had been tuberculosis (25.9%), renal failure (15.8%), pneumonia (11.3%), cryptococcal meningitis (9%), HIV squandering symptoms (7.9%) and AIDS-defining malignancy (7.9%). The evaluation uncovered 281 modifiable elements; patient-related factors had been the most frequent (153 [54.4%]), accompanied by wellness program factors (97 [34.5%]) and healthcare personnel factors (31 [11%]). Bottom line Our findings have got highlighted the problems in general HIV and/or Helps inpatient treatment and surrounding major care services. The id of particular modifiable factors may be used to 2809-21-4 decrease mortality by giving training aswell as logical monitoring, resource and planning allocation. Rsum Dcs lis 2809-21-4 au VIH/SIDA et facteurs de risques modifiables: Etude descriptive des admissions mdicales lH?pital intermdiaire dOshakati au nord de la Namibie. Contexte Le taux lev dinfection par VIH a rduit lesprance de vie dans de nombreux will pay africains. Malgr les initiatives mondiaux dintensification des traitements, des soins et des stratgies de prvention, le nombre de dcs dus aux difficulties associs au SIDA est encore lev. Le employees de sant regional pense quon peut identifier et amliorer certains facteurs modifiables dans les soins des malades du VIH/SIDA. Objectif Dcrire les causes de mortalit des adultes is situated au VIH/SIDA et identifier les facteurs modifiables chez les sufferers admis lH?pital Intermdiaire dOshakati, au nord de la Namibie. Mthodes les donnes ont t extraites et classes rtrospectivement en utilisant le protocole modifi CoDe put le SIDA. Les facteurs modifiables concernant le individual, le systme de sant ou de soins cliniques ont t identifis laide dun outil de collecte de donnes standardis. Rsultats On the identifi au total 177 malades du VIH/SIDA, dont 94 (53.1%) taient des hommes et 120 (68%) avaient el taux de Compact disc4 de moins de 200 cellules /ml. Les causes les plus frquentes de dcs li au HIV taient la tuberculose (25.9%), linsuffisance rnale (15.8%), la pneumonie (11.3%), la mningite cryptococcique (9%), le symptoms de dprissement li au VIH (7.9%) et les tumeurs lays au SIDA (7.9%). Lanalyse a rvl 281 facteurs modifiables; les facteurs lis au individual taient les plus frquents (153 [54.4%]), suivis des JWS facteurs lis au systme de sant (97 [34.5%]) et ceux lis au personnel de sant (31 [11%]). Bottom line Nos rsultats ont mis en vidence les dfis des soins en hospitalisation des malades du VIH/SIDA et dans les tablissements de soins primaires avoisinants. On peut utiliser lidentification de facteurs modifiables particuliers put rduire la mortalit en offrant des formations, des contr?les rationnels ainsi que la planification et lallocation des ressources. Launch HIV and/or Helps is among the main global 2809-21-4 public health issues and causes significant morbidity, mortality, harmful socio-economic influence, and human struggling.1,2 Because the starting of 1981, HIV and/or Helps has turned into a pandemic disease, claiming some 20 million lives.1 By the finish of 2010, around 34 million folks of all age ranges (31.6 millionC35.2 million) were coping with HIV world-wide.1,2 Sub-Saharan Africa, with only 12% from the global inhabitants, rates best between the locations that are influenced by HIV drastically.3 The spot contributes 68% of most HIV and/or AIDS sufferers in the world, whilst South-East Asia provides 12%, Eastern Europe and Central Asia 4%, Latin America 4% and THE UNITED STATES 4%. South Africa gets the highest amount of people coping with HIV and/or Helps (having a lot more than 4 million sufferers).2 Namibia is amongst the countries which are affected by HIV and/or Helps significantly. It includes a 2809-21-4 small inhabitants relatively.

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